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Whether you need a new elevator, a service plan that meets your budget, or an upgrade to your existing elevator, Bermuda Elevator will offer the best solution and value that satisfies you for years to come.

Our growing number of satisfied customers has resulted in us securing 2 of every 3 new projects consistently over the last decade. We achieve success by focusing on what matters most - your satisfaction in a solution that is fair in price and reliable for the life of the product.

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24 hour, 365 days per year maintenance support means that we respond when you need us most.

We service ALL makes of elevators, giving you peace of mind that your elevators will perform the way they are intended. Regular maintenance is a must; we can create tailored service agreements that respond to the needs of building owners.

With our close relationship with thyssenKrupp elevator, our personnel get the most comprehensive training by factory specialists during regular overseas seminars.

thyssenkrupp elevator is North America’s largest and the world's third largest manufacturer of elevators. As a distributor, we have access to their expertise and parts 24 hours a day. Our local inventory combined with thyssenkrupp’s ordering system creates quick response times to any elevator diagnostic problem, with little or no downtime.


With our in-house QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector), we can conduct complete tests and inspections of all elevator equipment to world-class safety standards. We can certify the safety of any elevator and, if necessary, repair the elevator so that it does meet the safety requirements. - Text Background Color



STEP 1: Call the dispatch operator directly at


(Bermuda Security Group) and provide the following information:

• Your Name

• Name of Building

• Location of Elevator (for multi-unit sites)

• Your Contact # (as a verification and follow-up)

STEP 2: Describe the problem as:

LEVEL 1 - Elevator is not functioning properly (stuck, noisy, very slow)

LEVEL 2 - Elevator is stuck with passengers inside

LEVEL 3 - A life and death situation (Fire, smoke, hospital entrapment, heart attack victim or other situation of impending danger)

STEP 3: The dispatcher notifies a mechanic on duty or nearest one available.

For LEVEL 1, the mechanic calls the customer to obtain full status and responds accordingly with his estimated arrival time.

For LEVEL 2, the caller should remain on the phone while the mechanic is called. Remain calm, as an elevator is actually a secure place to be in most cases.

For LEVEL 3, the caller must remain on the phone. The dispatcher will also enlist the Fire Dept. Remain calm, as the best people to remove you safely and effectively are now on the way, including medical assistance.

Guide for those assisting with an Entrapment (ie. Passengers stuck inside an elevator)

In the unlikely event the elevator becomes stalled with passengers inside, DO NOT ATTEMPT A RESCUE YOURSELF.

Please follow these instructions carefully:

1. Contact the Emergency Hotline 292-1766 and inform the dispatcher of the situation.

2. Establish communications with the passengers inside the car either by using the elevator’s telephone or by simply calling through the doors.

3. Find out how many passengers are in the elevator.

4. Maintain constant communication with the passengers. Reassure them that the elevator is usually a secure place and that steps are being taken to remove them from the elevator

5. Find out if anyone is injured or ill. If so, arrange to get emergency medical personnel on the scene immediately.

6. Have everyone in the car to stand clear of the doors and preferably have them sit down for their own comfort and in case the elevator suddenly restarts.

7. Ask passengers not to smoke.

8. Ask whether the regular car light or emergency light is operating. This will help determine the degree of power failure.

Remember, for everyone’s safety, an experienced elevator technician should rescue the passengers. - Text Background Color


Most elevators have an emergency exit in the ceiling, These exits should be locked at all times and used only during an emergency extraction supervised by a trained elevator technician of fire service personnel.

Never attempt to pry open the entrance doors or crawl out of any openings. The elevator could start moving unexpectedly – with fatal results. - Text Background Color


Under no circumstances should anyone except trained fire-fighters be allowed to use the elevator after a fire has been reported. Serious injury, or death, could result. Use the stairways to get to a safe place. - Text Background Color